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April 2, 2015

Jim guided us through updating our house for sale. He knew all the best people to employ for the work that needed to be done. They performed quality work at a reasonable price. As a result the house sold quickly and at a fair price.

Duncan Mitchell


May 8, 2014

As first time home buyers in the area, we were blessed to have Jim guide us through the process. Throughout the process, my family and I felt that he was looking our for our needs and desires. With two kids running around at every showing, Jim showed grace and patience and our kids grew to enjoy  time with “Mr. Jim.” Jim also made it a point to go back to the homes we loved, so that we could make a decision while taking into account the variables that change a homebuyer’s perspective. Communication was constant, clear, and professional. Thank you Jim!!

Samuel Yuhan


April 6, 2013

Thank you so much, Jim! Your gift was lovely, and your assistance through the last few months was invaluable. We are thrilled to be moving into our new home. If we ever decide to move again (God forbid), you’re our man. I must say, although I knew when I met you that you were special, you have exceeded my expectations and hopes. It has been a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable, honest, warm, and gracious professional. Kudos on a job very well done!

Natalie Novick Brown


October 30, 2012

We met Jim in 2001, when he was representing the seller of the house we bought in the Holmes Point neighborhood and found that he knew everything there was to know about the neighborhood and its RE market. Naturally, when it came time to sell, we turned to him. He helped us to get the property ready and his guidance on pricing, in what had become a softening market, was spot on. A few years later, we relocated back to Seattle and, again, we called on Jim to help us, this time as buyer’s agent and this time in a market where inventory was short, especially for our requirements. He quickly got us up to speed and when one of the properties we had an eye on came back on the market, he let us know at once and guided us to a successful offer. If real estate is all about location, an agent is knowledge, knowledge, knowledge (with the added bonus of being a great guy).

Richard Careaga


September 9, 2012

Due to our recent marriage, my husband and I recently had three real estate transactions to do. We needed to sell his and my home and purchase “our” home. The market time was in 2010 > 2012, not the best time to try to sell. We were referred to Jim and have been thankful ever since. We had tried to sell both properties on our own previously with no success. With Jim’s guidance, which we adhered to, he helped us through all three transactions getting decent prices on all, selling and closing quite quickly (most recent sold and closed within two weeks!!). All transactions went extremely smoothly. We can highly recommend having Jim as your Real Estate agent. He will get the job done!

Dr. Jeffrey and Jeanne Forrey


December 30, 2008

Dear Jim,

On behalf of the Ervin family, please allow us to express our most heartfelt thanks for the superior service and superlative support you provided to us last year as we settled our father’s estate following his unexpected passing.

Your professionalism and experience were critical success factors in both completing this arduous and challenging process in record time while simultaneously delivering maximum returns. The three houses, worth an aggregated $2.2M, required $523K of upgrades to put them at the top of their respective markets. This strategy, which required a sobering and profound faith, proved to be “spot on”. You were absolutely right.

In spite of the historic and unprecedented collapse of the residential Real Estate across the nation, as well as the Puget Sound, you achieved for us not only top dollar per square foot, but placed our houses among the select few homes which even sold at all. In fact, many homes surrounding the Woodinville property are still for sale 18 months later! And of the 28 homes listed in Bellevue’s Lochmoor last year, only 4 sold; of these, Dad’s house had by far and away the highest value by any measure. We are very pleased!

Clearly, there was no room for inexperience or guessing. Your insightful recommendations for selective, high impact upgrades sped the homes to market and minimized their time on market. Thanks in large part to your professionalism we avoided an estimated $257K drop in collective value which has occurred since closing!

In short, THANK YOU! Your expertise and that of your outstanding team proved to be the decisive factor. We strongly recommend your services to the serious seller.


Wesley Ervin – Jeanne Ervin – Russell Ervin – Natalie Ervin