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Update from Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance

dcna-logo-2Kirkland City Manager at Annual Meeting Wednesday Night

Learn What’s New Now That Kirkland Votes to Move Ahead with Annexation

Finn Hill Junior High, 6pm – 9pm

The DCNA annual meeting addresses the question of annexation this Wednesday night at Finn Hill Junior High. Kirkland Assistant City Manager Marilyn Beard will give a presentation and be available for Q&A afterwards. King County Council member Jane Hague may also be attending.

The cafeteria/auditorium doors open at 6:00 with welcoming remarks starting at 6:30pm. Cookies and coffee will be served.

There will be discussion of current DCNA projects and a treasurers report. An update on Juanita Woodlands will be presented along with a message from the Fill Hill Park and Recreation District commission, which maintains O.O. Denny Park.

New and returning candidates for the DCNA Board of Directors will be introduced and a vote taken to onfirm election of Board member for the 2009-2010 term.

If you are interested in joining the Board, email jeffhoerth@comcast.net. The Board meets monthly to discuss projects, address volunteer concerns, and initiate strategies to protect the Finn Hill environment.

At about 7:30pm, Kirkland Assistant City Manager Marilyn Beard will give a presentation regarding annexation. Among the subjects she will cover are

  • the annexation process and time lines;
  • police and fire service changes;
  • tax comparison between the county and city;
  • zoning transition from county to city;
  • how community associations are organized and interact with the city

Tell your friends and neighbors to join us Wednesday night. All are welcome. This is an important issue for Finn Hill and the area may be voting as early as November on whether or not to merge with Kirkland.

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